Selecting the Best Dermatologist

There are many excellent and qualified dermatologist but just like other professions, there are also some who may not be qualified to practice dermatology and other may not be keeping up with latest innovations and discoveries in the practice. This makes the selection process to be quite daunting. This article will guide you when selecting a dermatologist and ensure that you not only get the best, but you also get one that understands your condition.

Know the types of dermatologistsDematologist 01

There are two types of dermatologists; cosmetic and general, and getting the right type of skin doctor is very crucial to addressing your problem. A cosmetic dermatologist deals with anything that requires laser or peel injections while a general dermatologist treats acne, rosacea, brown spots and rashes. They also help with issues such as thinning hair and they can do skin exams to check for questionable moles.

Check their bios

Most doctors have a practice website where you can check if they are certified to practice as a dermatologist. You can also check if the doctor is a cosmetic or general or if he further specializes in other skin conditions. Also, read customer reviews and pay attention to any negative review by a customer. You can also contact a random customer and let him or her tell you his experience with the doctor.

Go for a consult

You should schedule a consultation with the dermatologist of your choice probably on Monday or Tuesday as they are usually the busiest days and take advantage of the full waiting room and ask other patients about their experience. It is not a good sign if you are the only patient in the waiting room as it shows most of the previous patients did not like his services.

Ask the right questions

Once you get a chance to consult with the skin doctor, you should know the right questions to ask him just to be sure that he is fully trained and qualified to practice dermatology and he is the right doctor to deal with your condition. Here are some of the questions that you should ask:

· How long have you practiced dermatology?Dematologist 02

· Do have experience in dealing with my condition?

· How many similar procedures have you performed?

· Do you have patients’ testimonials?

· What’s your success ratio in dealing with my condition?

· What is your total charge?

· Do you have other additional charges?

Comfort, expertise, and a happy doctor-patient balance are key

While looking for a dermatologist with the best credentials, you also need one who makes you feel comfortable. The right doctor should be able to make you feel comfortable and freely share with you any information that you may need to know about him. Though this combination is sometimes hard to get, but a skin doctor with the necessary knowledge and a great personality is the best choice.

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