Pros and cons of losing weight with supplements

Obesity is a problem that affects millions of people all over the world. It not only lowers an individual’s self-esteem, it also poses risk to one’s health. Developing new eating habits and exercising daily can be quite a challenge especially if you are not disciplined. The manufacturers of weight loss supplements understand all this and they market their product as weight loss miracle in a bottle. They also offer deals on these products very often. However, before you purchase one, you should carefully weigh its pros and cons. Here is an overview of the major pros and cons of losing weight with supplements.


Diet Jump start

Weight loss supplements can benefit certain people who are not able to lose weight through exercise and diet. However, this is only recommended to person with a body mass index greater than 30. Taking these supplements under the supervision of a doctor will help you shed off some pounds and give you a chance to make behavioral and dietary changes needed for long term weight loss success.

They are effective

Most of the weight loss supplements are FDA approved and they show results in a shorter time when compared to exercise and diets.

Natural ingredients

Most of the weight loss supplements are made using natural ingredients which are safe for the body.

Helps to improve health

A reduction in one’s weight helps to decrease blood sugar levels, blood pressure, increase sensitivity to insulin and decreases the level of cholesterol. This generally improves the overall health of an individual.


Dangerous side effects

This is a major drawback of losing weight with supplements. The side effects can be in form of physical pains such as severe stomach ache and diarrhea or excessive weight gain when one stops using the supplement. If you are prescribed a weight supplement, you should check with your doctor about any harmful consequences of taking the supplement or search for the side effect of the supplement online before you begin using it.

Weight supplements can disrupt natural metabolism

weight39Weight loss supplements work by suppressing ones appetite which makes you to consume less calories. At first, this is good solution for weight loss, however, an excess reduction of caloric intake slows down your metabolism. If the rate of metabolism slows down, the weight you lose also slows down and it becomes difficult to continue losing weight even if you continue taking the supplement.


One should carefully assess the health risk weight loss supplements before using them. Lifestyle changes such as dietary changes, regular exercise and regular health checkups are healthier ways to loose weight.

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