How to Reduce Back Pain Caused by Sciatica

Are you suffering from back pain that never goes away? Do you find it hard to sleep at night and always toss and turn in bed because of the pain in your lower back? You may be suffering from Sciatica.

What is Sciatica? It is a condition where the nerve known as the Sciatica nerve is Back Pain 09compressed or irritated due to an issue with the lumbar disc in your lower back. More often than not this issue arises from sitting for long periods of time on a chair that is not ergonomically built and does not support your lower back.

If you are suffering from this pain day in and day out it may be time for you to get a sciatica chair that will help alleviate the excruciating pain in your back. The best option for you would be a kneeling chair.

When you heard the term Kneeling chair, you may immediately feel uncomfortable. The thought of kneeling does not sit well with many as we think of it as a form of punishment. However, a kneeling chair is completely the opposite. It helps your body stay in the correct posture when seated. It gets’s it name because when seated on it seems as if a person is kneeling. The Kneeling chair consists of a seat and knee rest that are kneeling chair 03padded. When you sit on it, you are put into a forward slant position. What happens in this situation is the weight of your body is distributed between the seat and the knees. It also helps your spine to be aligned correctly.

When your spine is properly aligned and there is no pressure on your lumbar disc, the possibility of your Sciatica nerve getting compressed is low. You can benefit from less pain and stress as you will also be training your body to stay in good posture.

This chair is not an expensive item compared to some high-end office chairs that do nothing to support your spine. If you suffer from back and lower back pains it’s best to give a Kneeling Chair a try.

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