Which type of pillow material right for you?

Pillow materials come in various types and varieties. The type of material that you choose will depend on factors like your budget, preference and also your needs. Before choosing a pillow material, you should look at factors like the comfort levels, support, and durability. You need to choose a pillow that will offer you the needed comfort, and it will also serve you for a long time. Sleep Ridiculously Well offers you different types of pillows. By analyzing all the pillow materials, we cannot say that there is one superior to another. It all comes down to your personal needs on what is ideal for you.

The different pillow materials

Polyester pillow

Polyester pillows are synthetic pillows that are filled with fiber and microfiber inside. These pillows are the most common type of pillows that you are likely to find in any store. The pillows are cheap to buy, and they can be easily cleaned with the washing machine. However, they are not durable because they become flat very easy. Once you buy the polyester pillow, you need to replace them every two years.


Feather and down pillow

The feather and down pillow is a very light pillow, but it is good at remaining in shape. It is more durable than polyester but still a little more expensive.

Latex pillow

A latex pillow is firmer than a polyester pillow, but it gives you a spring like feeling. This is a good choice if you are looking for additional neck and head support. The best thing with a latex pillow is the fact that it is resistant to dust and dust mites. Unlike a polyester pillow, a latex pillow can go up to 20 years.

Memory foam pillow

When it comes to a memory foam pillow, you have to make a choice between the firm pillow and the soft pillow. It all comes down to your preference and the comfort needs. A memory foam pillow takes the shape of your head, and this gives you comfortable sleeping position. This is the best option for people with back pain and neck pain because of the comfort levels.


Wool pillow

A wool pillow is a good option if you are looking for something made from natural animal products. The best thing about a wool pillow is the fact that it doesn’t shift or move over time. The ability to stay firm over a long period makes it better than a polyester pillow. It also doesn’t attract dust mites and mold.…